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talking to tinu

Aug 23, 2010
so i have finished all of my quests in Krokotopia except for one. The balance teacher in krokotopia gave me a quest to talk to tinu. He said, " I thought i sent you to talk to Tinu! Hmmmmm... or maybe i just thought i had. Either way, you need to be on your way to talk to him." and there is no quest in my quest book nor is there a exclamation point above Tinu's head! someone help me please!

I do believe you're talking about the quest "Taking the Omnibus"


The first step (which you have completed) is to talk to Tinu.
The second step (which you have completed) is to talk to Reed Treever.
Now you need to search McTavish Hideout in Chelsea Court, Marleybone to find the book and then return to Alhazred.

All Alhazred knows is that he sent you to talk to Tinu and he will continue to send you to Tinu until you complete the task that Tinu has given you.