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Super stuck

Feb 26, 2013
I need help!!! I have been on level 23 for 3 months now so I am very annoyed.
Why I am posting this is because I need help finding ways to level up quickly for my level.
I do all of my quests. I am in the Krokosphinx.

So if you can help me that would be great.

Mar 12, 2013
You'll be pleased to know, in Krokosphinx there's 3 different instance quests you can do twice to get extra xp.

First one you do is Vault of Ice (Storyline). Then you're sent back to Vault of Ice a second time as part of your Grumish Greataxe summoning trick and/or to get a rubbing from the obelisk behind the last boss. So, go ahead and get what you need for the summoning, but by then you're 3/4 finished with the dungeon so might as well finish it.

Second one is Emperor's Retreat. Feel free to have Krokhotep drop dead twice, and the Sokkwi brothers drop some nice gear so doing the Emperor's Retreat twice is well worth the extra 30 minutes.

Third one is Grumish Greataxe himself. Since he's huge, it will take you a while to cut him down to size, and you can often walk away from that fight with 70-100 xp just from casting a lot of spells.

If you are in a hurry to get to Tomb of Storms and out of Krokotopia, then save these for after Krokotopia but before you start MB in earnest.

You want to do these before you level up to 25 or so, because if you do them now, they might gain you an entire level; but wait until you're at 30 or 35, and they won't mean as much.