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stuck in trophy room with 6 obelisks

Feb 22, 2009
Mar 12, 2010
When you enter the room with Oka's chest, there are some yellow banners that appear on the back wall. They have symbols (something like a skull, snake, etc.). You have to light up the obelisks in that room with the symbols that are showing on the yellow banners. Then Oka's chest will appear.

If the banners disappear / fade away before you get to see what is on them, just leave the room and come back in again, and the yellow banners will re-appear.

Aug 06, 2010
lordsportfan55557 wrote:
i am on the quest oka's chest but i can't find the chest?

If I rememeber correctly, you get the obelisk code when you first walk in. Go through the entrance like normal. Once inside - DO NOT MOVE. Just look ahead - along back wall. There will be 3(?) tablets that reveal the codes to light the obelisks in order. If you take a step forward, the tablets will disappear.

Once you light the obelisks, the chest will appear towards the entrance/exit.

Good luck!