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Stuck in dungeon help!

May 03, 2011
I have to do the Karanahn Palace and I'm having problems:

The first time I found someone to do the dungeon with. He ported out after we defeated the first boss

Later I found a second person to do it with but she did the same thing after the first boss: she ported out.

I cant do the dugeon on my own

I am a level 27 Life wizard with Storm as secondery

Please help

May 20, 2010
That instance should be no problem for a Life wizard, especially now that you have your Lifeblade.

The key to doing this instance is to make a teleport mark before you fight each Boss. Then if you are defeated, you can fill your Health, Mana, and Potion bottle, teleport back to where you were, set the teleport mark again, and have another go at the Boss. As long as you aren't out of the instance for more than a few minutes, it should be just as you left it.

As for the bosses, it's a matter of taking out the Boss's Minion first, then concentrating on the Boss. Sometimes if you take out the Minion and then get defeated, you'll come back to face only the Boss. If a Boss is giving you a lot of trouble, use a Sprite Guardian spell. The pixie will heal you and give you an occasional Lifeblade or Guiding Light (30% boost to heal).

May 03, 2011