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sothmekhet fire quest

Jun 20, 2010
fact it can only be played solo no help from others
you must set up your deck with fire blades, ice and storm shields, have several fire minons so that one will come up early, and use your all your life spells, have hellephant, dragon, and fire eagle spells, take out all minor spells as they will not be needed. have 2 dragon gold cards, 4 ice shield gold cards, and 4 gold life cards.
sothmekhet and minon ice and storm wizards. minon must be taken out quickly as he uses major spells and causes major damage. than to handle
sothmekhet use blades and stack up as you get the helephant or dragon spell
it will be amplified. defense use ice and some storm shields. life spells to heal you seem to come up very slowly this is when you call apon your gold cards.
take out sothmekhet minon quickly, use wylfire and fire
blade to amplified your hits, get rid of spells below dragon, helephant, and fire eagle as they are not needed and load up the spells listed. my fight took 20 minutes.
hope this is helpful :-D

May 20, 2010
So what happens when you use Fireblade, and he interrupts and puts Hex on you?