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Nov 04, 2010
i know a lot of people are having trouble with sothemekhet. i have found a solution for that problem!What you need to do is use a Minotaur minion and then take out the storm minion first or after (I would suggest first because he can do a lot of damage.)then use some shields more like a lot and then you should be able to take a lot of damage.The Minotaur does a lot of damage when he uses troll because it is boosted against him. Every so often heal and the Minotaur will use tower shield and get +35% traps. do Helephant with vengeance and high critical rating armor with ice and storm resistance. That is how i did it and got EFREET (which is worth it,it does 895 damage that also gives the enemy a -90%) Follow this strategy:D