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Some Constructive Feedback for Krokotopia

Mar 21, 2009
So, a few weeks ago one of my sons friends turned him on to this game. Being an adult MMO player myself, I started playing with him. After a week or so of trying things out, I purchased accounts for everyone in the family. My son and I have now advanced through some of the Krokotopia quests and I have begun working on the Krokosphinx.

Upon arriving at the Krokosphinx I had expected to find a quest hub consisting of several different quest hubs much like I had when arriving at the different streets of Wizard City as well as the different areas of the Pyramid. What I found was two open areas, each consisting of one single quest line.

The lack of variety of things to participate in at the Krokosphinx has really turned me off from the game. I have less of a desire to play when I know that I only have one or two quest lines available, and they take place in a location where I am lucky to ever see one other player. It leaves me wondering if this is what the rest of the game is like. Did they pack all the exciting content into the earliest areas of the game to lure in subscribers?

That's the way it feels and it leaves me thinking that I made a mistake in subscribing.

Dec 02, 2008
The Krokosphinx does have one very long quest line, but also two shorter quest lines, two other instance quest lines (well, one of them is only a single quest), one other quest line that finishes there (Tome of the Fang is the last quest in the line), one quest line that has a prerequisite in the Krokosphinx before you can acquire the quest even if the quest line itself isn't done in the Krokosphinx, and a class quest line for many classes.

Still, it is perhaps more focused on the main quest line than most other areas in the game. For example, the Tomb of Storms area has eight quest lines other than the main one, one of which you might think is two separate quest lines due to non-obvious prerequisites in which you turn in one quest and then a different NPC in a different area will offer the next quest in the line. I guess three of those are instnace quest lines, but that's still quite a bit.

Aug 19, 2008
Ah you have seen nothing yet....

By the time our first wizards got to the sphinx we were happy to be able to get through it in hours and then work on the Island of Storm.

But then a friend has shown us Marleybone and we were anxious to get to the next world.

I think you will find if you stay with the game that while KI leads you (like small children) step by step through Wizard City, they back off a bit with each new world. In other words, they allow the children to grow.

As you advance in game you will have to actually think about things a little more...like looking for people who have quests etc.

Mooshu and Dragonsypre are definately worth the work!

Mar 28, 2009
Yeah there are plenty of quest lines in Krakatopia. You just don't see them til you complete the first set of quests in the oasis. Then things really open up.

You end up going through a ton of different zones and against a large array of opponents. Krakatopia is definitely a big area.