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Should you do gh right after krok?

Oct 03, 2009
Hey i was wondering if you should do grizzleheim right after you get to krok
or wait till later cause it seems like i am a little behind and i haven't beat it?

Valkoor Goldwraith Legendary death
Finnigan Darkflame master life lvl 49 in cl
Autumn Leaf adept diviner lvl 29 world ms

Apr 26, 2009
I would recommend doing grizzleheim as you level up. I put it off for a long time and now I am making it up by having to do it now. I would say start grizzleheim and if it is too hard for your wizard come back later but DON'T wait till last minute (I would know )

Tiffany pixigem -level 53 theurgist

Oct 24, 2009
Do it when you get the quest! Honestly, you'll be needing it when you reach level 35 and 55. You'll get new spells but first you have to complete GH. If you never started it, like me.. It's going to be a boring trip...