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shop locations?

Mar 23, 2009
Mar 14, 2009

Im not logged into the game but im trying to visualize krokotopia.

If your just walking out the world gate go across the bride and look to your left (you might have to turn the screen a little bit)

On the most left bridge is a sand pit/sort of pharo teleporter thing and thats not it

To the right of that one there is a bridge walk down it and there will be a well

If you look to your left there is a shop and if you turn back facing the well and walk forward i think there is another shop

If you turn left and walk left you should see two obelisk things with a green porter below them (this is only activated every fifty minutes or so) if there activated walk on it then there will be a secret trainer and a secret shop on a small island (there is another porter that is always activated to teleport you back down.

Then if you walk back to the well and face the way you did when you walk across the bridge and look right you will see a short bridge going up to another sort of subsection there is two or three shops here.

There is also the island/furniture seller at krokosphinx, which you cant miss being it is the only shop there.

Happy shopping
Hope this helped,
Alex Shade