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secret shops and pets?

Mar 09, 2010
hey every one Sean Shadowrider here with a question... how do i get the magician rat from marylebone ? i wont one REELY bad so if anyone can answer that question that wood be grate... wall I'm on the subject i wont to know IF there are secret shops in other worlds then just krokotopia, see ya.

Krokotopia is not the only world with secrets. Wizard City and Marleybone also contain hidden spell trainers, young Wizard.

As for the Rat Magician pet, if you cannot find it at the Bazaar, then start your adventures in Counterweight East.

Mar 09, 2010
thx Professor Greyrose :) :D i almost went to counterwaite west! and now i remember the spell trainers in wizard city and marylebone, thx agen

Community Leader
Greyrose i would like to add this
Thank you

zinthow ,
Once at the top of east dont leave run down to last room then back up keep fighting them till you win pet ;) got to love respawning

Hope this helps

Mar 09, 2010
thx every one. (i dont have it yet) i saw somwere else it said conter watte west! i was on the dongeun for 3 houres!!! (and i do know about responding :) ) well i thank you all i WILL get that pet tomaro o and one last thing i cant remember is the only secret traner in wizars city the one at the fare grownds? or are there more secret shops and traners? see ya!

Sean Shadowrider lvl 37 death/ storm wizard