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Quests. help?

May 08, 2010

Here's how it is. I was happily doing my quests in Krokotopia/Kroksphinx when my friend asks me for help with a couple bosses and what not. I say sure and port to him in like the tomb of storms, which i don't have access to unless i port. So there I am helping him with his quests and all the while I, for some reason, seem to also be doing the quests, even though I haven't gotten there yet. And every time he talked to someone or did something without me, it would appear on my screen and what not and say i completed it anyway. At first it thought this was awesome cause it saved me the time. But then when I finished helping him I went back and tried to get back on course, but now I can't. i have an unfinished quest for the Karanahn Barracks (The Keys to Freedom-Defeat Karanahn Ravagers and collect 6 Slave Keys), but of course I can't go there cause I don't have access yet.

So I figure if i just walk around I'll find some quest that will let me finish krokosphinx (i'm finished krokotopia main mind you), and I find the librarian and he gives me two quests, one being Tome of the Fang. I'm like ALRIGHT! finally. I get through the first two parts easily but now I'm stuck on the Obelisk Rubbing in the the Vault of Ice, which of course I also can't access for some reason.

So now I figure there's quests I'm missing or skipped somehow. So i check wizard101 wiki, but that's pretty confusing to follow and I've completed most of the quests anyway, and the ones I haven't completed I can't get cause when I talk to the quest giver he has nothing to say to me. I'M SO CONFUSED AND FRUSTRATED! WHAT DO I DO?

May 20, 2010
Check your quest list. Somebody should have something that you can do. If not, go check with Shalek the Wise in the Grand Hall. He might be able to tell you where you need to go. If not, you're going to need to walk around every area (including any dungeons you can get into) and find somebody who has something for you to do.