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Quest progress lost?

Jun 30, 2012
A very long time ago, I played Wizard101. I got back on, and started playing again a bit ago, but this is what happened before when I first played. In Krokotopia, of course, I had 3 other friends and I complete all of the quests from the start. After we had completed the Throne Room of Fire, I glitched out and actually was sent to the beginning of the questline. I had completed most of it, but it gave me the first throne room quest, and I still have that quest today. I had worked hard to complete it, then I lost my friends because they moved on, and I was left to complete the quest again. I know you cannot complete the quest automatically for me, as would be unfair and would not be allowed without proof. All I ask is why the questline reset completely, and why I have to complete the throne room again. I completed it, was sent back to the start of the quests, and left wizard101 for a while. I came back a while ago when one of my friends suggested we play, and I still am trying to complete the quest.

Sep 28, 2010
You should submit a report to KI.... in the meantime, just restart the quest! Lucky, you'll get more XP!

Destiny Waterthief Level 36 (almost level 37)

May 10, 2013
I remember this glitch happened to my other character. Its a "Major Server Glitch."

In this glitch you lose progress or Lost Items like your pets (Very, Very Sad)

Oh and "The Balance Master" if he needs to do Throne Room of Fire again its not lucky.

If this is his second time, he will get half the XP and you will need to fight the bosses AGAIN!

So doing it again isnt lucky

Sep 28, 2010
Well sorry I didn't mean to be inconsiderate..... I understand at I am a failure at this game...