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Quest from Zan'ne Help

Jun 15, 2008
I went back to krok for some quests from Marleybone and noticed that Zan'ne had another quest for me. The quest wanted me to get glyphs from the emperors retreat and a book from the krokosphinx, I had no problem getting those. I am having a problem finding the last item which is a scroll in the oasis. I think it is the map near prospector Zeke but I am not able to get it. You do not have to tell me exactly where it is but a hint would be nice. Please Help! Thanks

Community Leader
I think the map IS near Zeke. Try moving around it a bit. I don't remember for sure; I do remember I didn't have any trouble finding it, though, so it can't be all that hidden.

May 24, 2008
If you read other threads here they will tell you exactly where the scroll is - but I will just say - it is in the library. Happy hunting.