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Pyramid of Unused Content? + ideas

Aug 28, 2011
In Krokotopia's Room of Fire, there are many doors that lead to nothing at all. They don't even have paths leading to them! You can look at a bird's eye view at it, by going to the Pyramid of Fire, and looking at the door beside the head of the Krok statue (not the Chamber of Fire) and you will see a door on the wall. Kingsisle, was this added, thought about, then scrapped?

I have a quest idea for this. You talk to Dalia Falmea, and she will give you a key item (Flame parchment) which you use to unravel a bridge, which is mainly flame (and sand) in the air, later turning into sand blocks, much like the ones already inside the pyramid. Dialogue is below.

Dalia Falmea: Young Wizard, there is currently a place in the saved world Krokotopia, it is hidden in the Pyramid of Fire. I hope this Flame Parchment will clear the way into whatever is in there.

Narrator: You gently place the parchment on the ground. Falmea didn't tell you what to do with it. You then throw it in the air, where it silently explodes into flames, and floats in the sandy air.

A cutscene plays, and the parchment combusts into a bridge of fire. It then turns into sandy bricks.

Narrator: You wonder how you will manage to walk on this.

Another cutscene plays, showing your wizard hopping like a bunny over the blocks of sand.

When you walk in the door, it will show multiple Nirini and Manders in tubes, and you sense a strong magical current in the area. The appearance of this chamber resembles Khrysalis in a way. (This is Morganthe's bidding to superpower all the monsters in previous worlds, hopefully having them be too strong for the citizens.) You then proceed to fight 2 Nirini Sentry mobs (which are supercharged).

Nirini Sentry, rank 10 elite, 2,975 health each. Balance school. This mob cheats by summoning rank 3 special Mander mobs every 4 turns, while saying "Slaves can participate in combat, too!"

Nirini Sentry: I feel like I am unstoppable! Mander slaves will obey us now!

Mander Prayer, rank 3 , 495 health.

This mob cheats. After 4 turns, he will cast a moon version of either Storm Lord, Earthquake, Frost Giant, or Forest Lord. The textures of the spells are unchanged, however he still will emit the moon aura when casting these.

Mander Summoner, rank 1 . 20 health. This one relies on minions:

Cheats: He can use all myth summoning spells, and they each cost 0 pips. Talos has decreased health (-200)

Mander Mage, rank 5 (varies) 500 health (fire) 750 health (ice) 375 health (storm)

After the battle, you decide to go to Ravenwood. You think of informing Dalia, but this is more important and you discuss it with Headmaster Ambrose.

Ambrose: My, my. My student has come far, increasing the strength of other people. I believe you should let this rest, and get more far in your duties of Khrysalis.

Kingsisle, you can decide the EXP and gold amount.

Must be level 90 and have started Khrysalis.

Oct 26, 2012