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Professor Winthrop in the Map Room

Dec 30, 2008
He told me to meet him in the map room in the throne room of kings. The only problem is that he isn't there! I helped one of my friends with the quest and saw where he was; I even had quest help on and it was pointing right where he would have been standing.

I even tried logging out and back in, but still no Professor Winthrop. Could this be fixed? I really want to progress further into the game...

May 20, 2010
Sometimes things don't load right. You should still be able to walk up to the point where the NPC is supposed to be and see an interaction prompt. If not, it may need to reset, which could take up to 60 minutes for a dungeon or instance.

Sep 13, 2010
I have the same problem then a friend got me past that it told me to look at a staff that isn't there. No interaction nothing. Makes it very hard to play.

Aug 14, 2010
eh... got the same problem!
but i helped a friend with that quest before i got that quest myself.
i defeated that boss!
do i have to start over?
and will it take 60 MINUTES before he loads?

Kenneth Firerider

(sorry if i writed something wrong)

May 27, 2009
The dungeon should reset if you exit through the same door you entered. Try going back out, changing realms and entering again. If you still don't see Prof. Winthrop, go to where he's supposed to be and press "x" anyway, see if he's just invisible.