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Please help me!

Feb 07, 2009
JacobThunderSong here,

For some reason none of the other posts were posted so, I need to get past Krokotopia. If someone can please help me get past Karahn Palace, I'm a level 23 necromancer who could be found asking for help in the well of spirits. I've been stuck on that quest for more than a WEEK and I'm getting pretty mad. Please reply early because I barley play during school days. If anyone else is on this quest please reply. I could solo the 1st prince but I got defeated by the 2nd prince.

P.S. If any of you have Text Chat, please say words from the pre-approved phrases, 'Cause I see them saying things from the Text Chat even when I tell them I'm not in Text Chat.

Feb 11, 2009
i can help you. i am a lvl 27 fire wizard and i have beat krokotopia. i dont have any healing cards but i have some good spells that hit in the 1000s. Soon i will have a minion so if you want i will meet you in the teleporter room in krokotopia at ambrose.

Blaze ghost staff lvl 27 fire wizard,
best spells,
Kraken, meteor strike, wild fire, storm shark and some other fire spell that has a picture of a burning hand on it. hits in the 600s and with some traps the 1000s

Feb 07, 2009
It's OK now.

I think I saw your wizard. But, I managed to complete krokotopia by myself with a friend.

So now, here we will help each other with some quests.

-Jacob ThunderSong