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Pet Charmed Slave - The Salamanders

Jun 28, 2010
Well if you really want to know where to get it than look around or ask friends.And stop using the forums to cheat.But that is just my opinion :-P.

Feb 19, 2009
Jul 12, 2009
I remember just getting one from defeating a boss. Sorry dont rememberwhich one. I have the knda rare one, the purple one whhich is from the tomb of storms. Hope you can find one!

Cass Waterleaf 41 Ice Exploring the Grand Chasm...

May 10, 2010
They sell them in krokotopia in the oasis one of the shopkeepers sells them.

Sep 25, 2010
You can buy ice school (Blue) Mander from the pet shop keeper after you take the boat ride.
I just bought one there.

Don't know if someone else already said this, I didn't feel like going through 3 pages of responses.


Apr 27, 2009
radiet98 wrote:
Yeah Professer Greyrose is right dont beat yourself up. And I have noticed that gathering pets is real tough. I havent got one yet, its like finding a hay in a needle stack
can't you buy a mander pet? :?

Apr 27, 2009
fano23 wrote:
Wow I didn't know Manders were REALLY rare. There is a lot of conflict and policies people expect you to follow. They say fight Prince Maru Nirini ( What ever his name is) and he will drop a pet. But they didn't say this: you gotta fight him about 20 times. I recommend to fight easier bosses, that have the most chance of getting a mander. Have you ever seen those Minotaur pets? Somebody said that you get it when you battle a boss in the Life tree in Wizard City. Is this true?
life tree is in mooshoo

Apr 27, 2009
NeoStar wrote:
Windlilly wrote:
Midsummer wrote:
I don't know if they all drop the same color, but Mandy Zaptongue dropped as orange for me and I have the option to change it to green at the paint shop in Wizard City.

Yeah, this is what I thought too, but recently I noticed that I can't change my Mandy Zaptounge's color anymore to green. What happened?


They're changing things around ... again! Get use to them, since I personally doubt they'll listen to player complaints concerning colors. I've growled about how unfairly their color-pricings treat genders, since boys get a price break over girls in the Shops; but I haven't heard even a whisper of agreement among other players, let alone acknowledgement of the problem from KingIsle. I even have ScreenShots showing the problem; but nobody is interested

Enjoy it however you can .... I'm trying ...

Scarlet SkullHammer (Death 35, Black Cat Pet, "Shadow")

there are pet genders ?

Dec 02, 2010
Next to the Krokosphinx there is a shop keeper that sells blue manders.

Aug 12, 2010
i'm really bad at getting pets as well i have only gotten one from drop is this street sweeper frog-thing

Jan 01, 2011
you can also find the ice one at the shop keeper at the krokosphinx

Seth Crowmask Lvl. 16 Balance

Dec 19, 2010
Just some additinal information that if you want an ice salamander go to the krosophinks and talk to the mander guy there and click the pet icon. the mander has the ice salamander and the heckhound. i have both 8)

Dec 23, 2008
gotscoolshoes wrote:
Thanks a lot =]

So does anyone know of any other bosses that might happen to drop these pets?

And are they really rare?

I know one that drops olive mander it in the storm place in one of the tomb but good luck because bosses drop it very rarely

oran dusk breath lvl 58 fire

Dec 23, 2008
windlord12 wrote:
Ive been fight prince manu niru or watever his name is but i ive done it like 50 times and still no mander!

are they realy rare?

They are super rare but if you have a long battale you mite have a good change

oran dusk breath
lvl 58 :D