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Need help finding Order of the Fang!!!!

Feb 04, 2009
ok, so I got the quest that tells me to find the order of the fang in krokosphinx, but what does that mean? What am I supposed to look for? Please answer!!!

Jul 04, 2009
The Order of the Fang is on the island that has the Krokosphynx on it. You get there by the boat that is docked on the oasis.

You cannot ride the boat until you defeat the main boss in the pyramid.

Aug 22, 2009
The order of the fang is inside the balance school. To get in you have to beat the Emporer's Retreat. To get into that you have to beat the Vault of Ice. The Order of the fang consists of The balance teacher, shalek the wise, Khai Amate the Great and General Khaba. When you get into the Order of the Fang you can go to the Tomb of Storms.

Mar 19, 2009
Mar 19, 2009
K listen. What ya gotta do is real simple. Go to the Krokospinx and find the "exevatinon" with the ladder. Hit the X button and go down the ladder and you'll find the hidden balance school. Go talk to the professor in there. He'll give ya the thing ya need!!!!!! Good luck!
-Jenna DragonCaller
Level 21 Adept Pyromancer
P.S. If you see me around Grizzleheim,Wizard City, or Krokatopia Drop me a line and say Hi! (unless your under lvl 1 :-) i'll add anyone if you DONT have text chat!)

Oct 17, 2009
To get to the Order of the Fang you have to defeat Krokenhamen in The Throne Room of Fire then go to Winthrop in the map room. afther that light the staff thingy and he to the Boat to the Krokosphinx. Go inside the Krokosphinx and talk to that old guy. I Listened. :