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Need help beating Krokotopia

Jul 13, 2009
I've done everything in the Grand Arena but I still can't go into the Vault of Ice.I even have the Hero of Krokotopia badge .This has been going on for 2 years and I can't take it anymore .If anybody offers to help I will be happy to do all the fighting just leave your name date location class and level and I'll check my scheduale.(P.S I know I'm a terrible speller)

Karic Goldenfist
lvl.32 Magus Necromancer
Oni Slayer

May 20, 2010
To get into the Vault of Ice, you have to defeat Kai Amahte. If you've done that, your next quest should be "Return to Shalek the Wise" in the Entrance Hall.

If you've already continued onto Marleybone, something must have gone wrong. Send in a ticket to Support.

Jan 29, 2010
I need help despretly. That crazy old Shalek the Wise keeps telling me light the braizers in the entrance hall when there arent any braizers. :| He makes me irked. Irked I say! :x My name in game is Lenora Rainsong. I will be standing in the area where Mr. Oxhead is supossed to show up. Please come either 1:30 today or noon tomorrow. If you came it would make me very .

P.S. I can be found very easily I wear mostly light blue and yellow. Even my dragon is sporting those colors.