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Levels in Krokotopia

Jul 31, 2009
Im a level 35 and im not even allowed in marleybone. :( This is because that i have a habit of teleporting to my freinds all the time and i keeep getting quests from different worlds so when i teleport into those worlds i think oh mabye i can finish this quest but when i do i get even more quests. I dont even know how you get into MB though. And its pretty hard to know what quests are sides and which are main storyline. Can anybody maybe give me any suggestions or what lvls your supposed to be to enter the worlds. I still need to deafeat prince meti karahn.

Level 35 wizard Brandon Magus Death.

Jul 03, 2010
It maybe to your advantage to back track in Krock Land and complete the quests needed to advance you to Marleybone, at your level you should be able to clean it up pretty fast. All main story line givers are not hidden and are the first thing you see when you enter an area that is new.

Any quests you have done or have in other worlds would be side quests, you need to complete the main story line from one world to get to the next to have access to them.

When I help friends I never take quests that are not in the land I came from, I help and then return to my quest line, this avoids a lot of confusion and artificial leveling of your wizard.