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Jan 04, 2014
Kroktopia gets you a lot of levels up, I would know because my character name is Taylor SoulCatcher and I am a wizard at level 22 and I have started at level 17 and managed to get all the way there, I love wizard101 so much

Jun 24, 2014
it too, however would it be possible to have a count down timer for the secret shop? I mean every time I am in the krokotopia world I miss it. Either too early and wait, or too late and it closes. My character is a myth and needs the secret shop to gain more spells. Could we ask the kingisle people. Also, why are their more advanced wizards interfering with beginners, it seems to happen all the time while I'm there. Please ask before you join.

thank you

Jul 11, 2014
Krokotopia is nice but now its getting kinda boring. Im still saving up crowns to unlock chamber of fire and other member/crowns areas. I was allowed into Krokotopia before i was level 20. I also unlocked Grizzleheim. And guess what? Im not even a member! BTW, i already have access to all places in wizard city except for the dungeon. doesnt seem so exciting. So im saving up for that last. Also i heard that once you complete Krokotopia, you get access to Marleybone. Is this true? And can you guys give me a list of all the worlds you unlocked in order of the way you unlocked. I would really appreciate that. thx