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Krokotopia World Guide

Mar 31, 2012
I have completed Krokotopia twice and I will explan what you need to do to complete it. First, you must get access to Krokotopia from Head Master Ambrose. Then, you need to talk to Sergeant Major Talbot and do his quests then go to Professor Winthrop he gives you lots of quests do all his and he will tell you to go to other people and help them do all there quests as well. Sooner or later he will ask you to go to the Map Room, that is a Dungeon so don't start it unless you can finish it. He will send you to kill bosses and collect items then you need to mark the staff on the platform and you will finish that dungeon. Then you speak to Sergeant Major Talbot and he will give you access to Krokospinx. Shalek the Wise you will go to and do his quests. First one is you need to do bunch of quests in Hall of Champions so you can get the Order of the Fang group together so you will do quests to get General Khaba with Shalek and the Balance Teacher (In Krokosphinx not Wizard City) then he will send you to the Grand Arena that is a bunch of quests and battling to get another Order of the Fang person. You have to talk to Ako and do his quests, well certain ones other ones are for XP. And then he will send you to Coloseum. Beat a bunch of bosses then you will battle and legend and that is basicly done after that. Then you will have to talk to Shalek the Wise again and complete Vault of Ice, that is a hard dungeon but not to long. Once you complete that you will get the Golden Fang. Then Shalek will send you to Emperer's Retreat that was hard for me and probably other people who done it. I recommend to have full potions with you. Emperer's Retreat is pretty long around 45 minutes long. Depending on your Level and Skill. The point of Emperer's Retreat is to get Revenge on Krokohept (He betrayed the Order of the Fang) once you have defeated him you will be apart of the Order of the Fang and you will be sent to Sergeant Major Talbot to get access to Tomb of Storms. Tomb of Storms is tricky there are hard and long quests there. You will have to battle 6 Bosses before you get access to Temple of Storms. At Temple of Storms you will do a few quests for some guy then you will battle the final boss of Krokotopia. Her name is Krokopatrica or something like that. After you beat her Krokotopia is finished and you will get Access to Marleybone.

Thanks for Reading!
My Name on Wizard101 is Michael Ice Stone.

Aug 19, 2010
can someone help with throne room of fire there are fire enemies every where and i probably need a ice wizard to help

Feb 14, 2010
Um I don't know if this is just me or if it's everybody but um I'm right at the gate to defeat prince meti karanahn and it won't let me in. What do I have to do?