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Krokotopia, should it have a continuation?

Jul 15, 2011
Hi guys.

I am a really big fan of Krokotopia, and I was wondering if it could have a continuation, since all the Balance wizards go there for spell quests and such. Anyway, there should be a continuation, like when you reach 90, there's an optional quest to go to Krokotopia once more, but there was an undiscovered island, where the Kroks are hulking brutes, and the Manders have become brutish as well. It's not a world in the spiral, like Wintertusk. So the quests could start where Alhazred could try to send you to warn the Marleybonian excavators, but they wouldn't buy it, so you had to gather three crystals of the three elements, Fire, Ice, and Storm, and then they would fly to the Oasis, creating a portal. It could be like the three obelisks to open the tomb of storms.

So anyway, you go to the Krokotopian island, named Gargantera, and the Kroks and Mander were empowered by elemental magic. They would have unique models. The fire Kroks would have flaming eyes, and fiery... spine... spike thingies... and they'd be orange and yellow, and their tails would look like it was on fire, and they'd have a little flame floating on their head. The ice Kroks would look like the fire Kroks, but their nails would be icicles, along with their spine things, and their teeth. They'd look like the color of ice, and their tails would seem like ice, and a snowflake would be floating above them.. The storm Kroks would have a little cloud above them, and they'd look like a Krok brute (That are the Fire, Ice, and Storm Krok's names BTW), but their teeth and nails and spine spikes would be like it was electrified, and their tails would be made of water.

For the Manders, they have the same model, but they'd be all giant, and their eyes would be glowing.

I really hope Krokotopia come back!

Valkoor Soulwraith, level 53

"If it's dead, don't let it rot! Raise it!"

Dec 23, 2012
No! I already have a lot of trouble in the sphinx! And I went through a lot of recruiting for help in the first part! Please don't make a 4th part of Krokotopia! Oh, I am the wizard Daniel Moonthisle, and I need help with the soul scavenger.

Daniel Moonthisle, lvl. 18,.

May 01, 2010
That would be awsome if KI made this into wizard101, but what would the bosses be like? Maybe elemental kroks that are 100% made from that specific element?