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Krokotopia quest: Get some Bling

Apr 10, 2011
It tells me I am suposed to get 10 gems in the Hall of Champions. I looks left and right for those gems, and can not find them anywhere :( I do not know where to look, or what to do. I simply can not find them, no matter when I look, or how hard I look, I can not find them. Help!!!! :(

Dec 02, 2011
To find them you need to look for little piles of dirt on the ground. The dirt piles have tiny red specks on them. Go up to them and there are your gems! :)

Oct 19, 2010
just follow your quest helper If it says, "Cannot use Quest Helper", just look around for piles of dirt with red glowing gems. Pick up ten of them and your done. If you tried looking everywhere and still can't find any, try next to all the leaving and coming through doors. They should be there.

~Emily IceBlood Level 41 Death