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Krokotopia Major Bug Someone Help Me!

Aug 03, 2009
See, I have to do this quest and when I went to the guy, he had no question mark over his head! I never did the quest yet! I did everything that is needed to get to the guy, but oncce I got there, he didn't have a quest mark! HE WAS SUPPOSED TO! Because my sister followed in my footsteps and her's had a quest mark! My quest was to talk to the Balance Krok teacher about the Order of The Fang, but he didn't have a quest mark above him! Please help me! I need this quest to go to Marleybone!!! IMPORTANT INFORMATION: I think cuz I talked to him before I was supposed to do anything (my friend was there so I ported to her and talked to him because I just wanted to) I messed it all up. Is there a way to fix it?
:( :( :( :( :( :(