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Mar 20, 2010
oth of the questions im going to ask are going to have to be answered by you people reading this. Q1. why does the Tomb Of Storms have so little items like pets they give you? my friend has a TON of pets and he says that he got a couple of them from the Tomb of Storms. Q2. if the "secret shop" is only a "shop" with a couple of junk items? i bought PETS from there a few years ago and now its JUNK!

Seth Ghosthammer,35 Magus Ice

Aug 23, 2009
Okay so far as question one: pet rate drops are quite low no matter which boss drops them in or out of Tomb of Storms. Question two: with the release of the pet system and you leveling up, all your gear, pets, etc become obsolete and like anything else you will need to upgrade.