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Aug 18, 2009
:The school of Balance is located in Krokotopia. ugh i mean krokosphinx:D.to get to the island you must beat tha pyramid of the sun.first you have to beat the royal hall. then chamber of fire. next comes the palace of fire. last but not least a dungeon. its called the throne of fire. after that you can ride the boat.you can see the island and the travel on the boat.once you get there you must walk to the stone block. move a little to the pit. go behind the ladder and press x to enter. then you can see the teacher and he is a krok :P. his name is alhazred. the new spells are spectral blast lvl 26 then donate power lvl33 next is hydra lvl42. if you are balance at lvl 48 you can learn power nova. a mander outside is named ea'rik he sells furniture.the house next to him is cool. you can buy a castle. you must be lvl 15 though. you can buy an oasis camp for 10000 gold. and a desert vila for 20000 gold. next to the school on the right is a tree. his name is niles. you can learn spells from him. also you can get balance treasure card recipes.arthur weathersfeild can teach you balance up to lvl 22 in raven woods scool of magic

Apr 25, 2009
Jun 25, 2009