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Krok Book Quest?

May 26, 2009
ok i know for a fact that there used to be a krok book quest and i remember either the seamstress or librarian gave it out, but now when my new wizard got to krok, there was no book quest, and now that he is done with krok, i still havent found the book quest, did KI take it out of the game?

Jun 30, 2009
Have you talked with Zan;ne in the Krok Library?

You will be required to find three books:

1) The scroll on the 2nd floor in the far left bookcase

2) The Book of the Fang in the Balance School

3) Rubbing the Golden Fang inside the Vault of Ice, requiring you to defeat all three guardians and avoiding the Final Banshee to claim the prize.

When you get all three, return to Zan'ne.

Timothy Pearlflower
Level 50 Ice Wizard