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"King of the Pit" quest needs a fix?

Mar 12, 2010
I recently sent this note to Support and they suggested I post it on the message board to see if others feel the same. Support said that they do take feedback from our players. Any comments or suggestions?

"I have a suggestion / comment. At the quest for "King of the Pit" in the Krokosphinx, Entrance Hall, can you set it up like the "full instance" messages that we get when we try to teleport to someone in a dungeon, but they already have 4 players in the dungeon? We get a message about "your friend is in a full instance" or something like that.

Here is the problem with the "King of the Pit" quest in the Krokosphinx. The quest is in the center of Entrance Hall, where everybody comes and goes freely. If there are already four players in the King of the Pit quest, other players come into the center of the pit, and they hang around players who are trying to finish the quest. They say things and jump right in your face. Sometimes you can't even see your cards right to make a spell choice. And it is very distracting to see the other players (who aren't fighting in the quest) running around in the pit. Can you block them from coming into the pit when there are already four players in there?

Thanks in advance..."