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King of the Pit quest

Mar 11, 2010
What is the deal with this quest? I've all of the quest line up to this point and Shalek tells me to "light the braziers" (that were apparently there around the pit to begin with) and after accepting the quest the braziers are gone?

I've read others post this same problem but fail to post what resolved the issue (if it is a bug). Am I missing something about this quest? I've solo'd 99% of Krokotopia dungeons from Pyramid thru Krokosphinx. I want complete this quest before I finish out the Tomb of Storms but have not choice now. Please help/advise, thank you.

Mar 11, 2010
I actually finished this quest now. What I had to do was switch realms (Balestrom to Wu realm) and the braziers reappeared again. Pretty sure it's some sort of bug but no error messages or the likes. Just that the braziers disappeared when I accepted the quest and had to switch realms to see them again.

NOTE: One other person had the same exact issue. So I know it's not just an isolated case.

May 31, 2009
Just fight the king of the pit! Those braziers only disappear when he is summoned and the point of the quest is to beat the King.

Jun 02, 2009