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King Ahnic and the First Cipher

Jul 16, 2009
Wow, brutally hard boss fight!

I'm an adept diviner (level 25 storm) but since I was always fizzling early on I decided to train in the life school to pick up some healing spells just to survive the aftermath of one of those dumb things. But whatever, this isn't a fizzling thread...

Anyway, short and sweet of it is now I'm stuck battling King Ahnic who's apparently very well versed in storm spells and immune to electricity or something (Kraken bolstered by both a stormblade AND a trap did a paltry 328 damaage. Crazy!) so between all the fizzling and the low damage my primary deck is useless, and my backup spells just serve to prolong the agony. Oh, and did I mention his sidekick uses life, my backup, so even just killing the sidekick is a pain. All this on top of having burned through all my treasure cards earlier on trying to kill this dude.

Any suggestions? Or any other equally annoyed diviners wanna tag team 'im?

Mar 09, 2009
I have the same studies as you except Life is my main school and storm is my secondary. Tell me what realm you'd like to meet up in what time and time zone and what area in the realm.