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Ice Mummy

Oct 11, 2010
After doing a search on the forums, I've found only one other person asking how one is able to find an Ice Mummy (similar to the Storm and Fire Mummies that can be found at the Bazaar). It is the only item that is missing from a "Trophy" room that I've dedicated to Krokatopia and have searched high and low (as well as at the Bazaar) for. Has KI even created this item or am I searching in vain?

James SkullHammer

May 20, 2010
I've found more than a few posts about it here and elsewhere. Nobody seems to know exactly where to get this. I'm not sure it exists. People have SAID that they had one, but people have said that about items that don't exist. I would want to see a screen shot to believe it.

If such exists, it must be an extremely rare drop. Since there are plenty of Storm and Fire Mummies in the Bazaar, my guess is that if the Ice Mummy does exist, the boss that drops it is probably one that you need to complete an entire instance to face (i.e. Krokopatra). I do know that none of my wizards have ever had this item.

Please correct me if I'm wrong, but I think you're referring to the standing ice prince statue which is a mummy looking krok inside a vertical coffin.

If so, the standing ice prince statue was available through issue 117 of Beckett Pokemon magazine. You can purchase subscriptions, back-issues and individual magazines from Becket directly at http://store.beckett.com/Gaming-and-Entertainment-Magazines/

Oct 11, 2010
Ok, I'm lost. How does a Pokemon magazine tie into an Ice Prince (mummy) on Wizard 101? Unless you are saying, Professor Greyrose, that I would have to purchase a back order of a magazine and then purchase the Ice Prince (mummy) from said magazine?

If that's the case, then I must admit that I'm more than a little disappointed in KI using that type of marketing to generate sales. I guess I had hoped it would be an earned item (dropped) rather than a purchased item, through a third party, when you consider the amount that I pay for my son and I to play (subscription and crown purchases).

I do thank you for the prompt reply, however.