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Ice Forge - Hall Of Campions

Dec 30, 2008
Hi, I have been trying to find the ice forge "to use" for 2 days now. It says it is in the Hall of Champions BUT I have been all around that place and still have not found it. Is it one of those areas that will have to be opened with another quest? I can't see it on the map! Can someone point me in the right direction, please.

Also if anyone has the time and would like to help me defeat the bosses to get into the ice vault. I will be IW a while I go by Alura

Jul 12, 2008
There is a in the top left corner of every quest. Clicking the question mark will allow you to review the dialogue referring to the quest. Read the dialogue and it will make more sense. The Frozen Forge is in the same room as a boss, which you must have already defeated once if the quest now tells you to use the forge. After you defeated the boss, you probably left quickly rather than using the forge. You will probably have to defeat that same boss again.

Dec 30, 2008
TY Midsummer I went back and defeated the boss and saw it there. I had read the dialogue boxes using the ? before but they were not crystal clear as to saying the Forge was in there with the boss. Sometimes the dialogue boxes can be that way. Thanks again