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I thought I was smarter than this!

May 24, 2012
I guess this isn't about smarts, I'm just bummed. I can't figure how to get into Serket's chamber. I was invited to Wysteria for some contest but can't get past the first quest because the Wood Imps keep killing me. Wil'y'um (sp?) said he'd taught me all he can and I should see whats-her-name in Marleybone.......how do I get there? This fire wizard is wondering if she should start another life to see if that path takes her to different places. I understand that we all have to do Wizard City and Krok. I actually love Krokotopia. An accomplished Pyromancer shouldn't be at a standstill at level 26 right? Thanks, Alura Sunrider

Jun 03, 2012
This fire wizard got the same message and have just ignored it because I can't get to Marleybone yet in any way that I can see. I have had this happen before where someone tells me I need to go somewhere and I can't get there without finishing other unknown to me quests. For example I got told to check in with Major Talbot to go to the Krokosphinx long before I had gotten to the Map Room quest which is needed to get the OK to get on the boat. So, I figure the access to Marleybone will show up when I finish the right quests needed to get there.

Sarai Thundergrove, lvl 26 fire wizard

May 24, 2012
Thanks Darlar. At least I know I'm not alone out here. I did figure out how to get into Serket's chamber, but he's got a live value of 1800 and I was no match. I can see that I'm gonna have to get alot stronger to get through some of these quests. I haven't fought the Manitaur yet either. I'll keep trying. Good luck.

Feb 07, 2011
@Darlar~ since you're talking about the crafting quest (I know that, 'cause you mentioned Wul'yahm... think I spelled it right, haha), you'll always get the next world's crafting quest immediately after completing the previous one. You still have to earn your way to the next world through quest completion.

@Dawg~ are you referring to Wood Goblins? If you're fighting Wood Imps, you're in the wrong world... those are in Grizzleheim, not Wysteria.

If you're having trouble, perhaps your gear or deck setup is to blame... if you let me know what gear you're using/cards you're carrying, and I'll help you as best I can.

Happy trails,

El Veeb
Archmage of Awesomeness/legendary artisan

May 01, 2010
All right.

The crafting quest points you to Marleybone, whether or not you've unlocked it.

You're stuck on Tomb of the Beguiler. If I were you, I'd wait until I was at least level 40 or about halfway through MooShu. It's not so tricky then.

As for Wysteria, just go to the Headmaster and he'll give you the key.

Hope this helped! :-)

May 24, 2012
Thanks von, but I really was in Wysteria. I just can't remember the name of those little guys. I have beat them though and moved on. I was feeling bummed that day because I ended up dead so many times. I took off for another world and made up some levels. All is well now.