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i need help witht the three pixies

Mar 09, 2011
im a level 18 myth and i got a quest to go to krocotopia and find and kill these rank 3 elite death pixies... its UNFARELY HARD ! no matter what i do they defeat me. whether i get the perfect and or not. i sensirely think this quest should not be as... imposible to do, and that the dev's make it easier, less nerv wrecking :x. thanks and if any heelpfull tips are out there, please... im desperate! :-(

May 20, 2010
It's not that hard if you prepare for it.

I'm assuming that you don't have Crowns and/or don't want to use them to hire Henchmen.

While the enemies are called "Death Pixies", they cast Life spells, plus Sunbird. Each has 435 health.

To better protect yourself, go buy 5 or 6 Fire Shield treasure cards at the Bazaar. Get the 90% resist variety if you can; otherwise buy 85%. These will help neutralize the nasty 335 or so damage that Sunbird does into about 35 to 50 damage. Put them into your sideboard and keep one on yourself at all times.

If you use your Troll Minion, either cast the 1 or 3 pip variety. The 1 and 2 pip varieties will both be defeated by a Sunbird or Nature's Wraith, so there's no point in wasting the extra pip.

Your Ether Shield will help block their Life magic.

Since they have 435 damage, you can take one out with a Mythblade, Myth Trap and Cyclops, or a Mythblade, Cyclops, and an elemental wand spell (i.e. the wand spells that cost 0 pips and do 55 or so damage).

The Fairies will sometimes cast Spirit Armor, which appears as a green shield and blocks the next 400 damage you do. If you see one of these on an enemy, save that enemy for last.

The general plan is to keep yourself protected with a Fire Shield and to take out each enemy as fast as possible.

Mar 09, 2011
how do i prepare my deck? can any one put a list of the cards i should have? im a myth/storm btw. i need all the help i can get!

Feb 16, 2010
One other suggestion for you is to shop at the bazaar for humongofrog treasure cards. That plus your myth blade or a treasure myth and balance blade can take them all out at once.

Also, if your are really lucky, you may catch another myth student with the same quest. If you both have the same quest, you can both do it together. LOL, happened to me, I managed to walk in on someone already in battle.

Good luck.