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i need help defeating krag stonechin

Oct 07, 2010
ok i need some help defeating krag stone chin but hes to strong for me i don't get it why is he so hard to defeat to you he mite be weak but to me hes to strong what can i do you defeat him please help
from kiera blance 22

May 20, 2010
Each enemy hits equally hard, and each casts spells from many schools. Since your Locust Swarm and a Balanceblade won't take out either enemy, you'll want to eliminate them with two Sandstorms, each supported by a Balanceblade.

To divert attention from yourself, you'll want to use your Mander Minion.

Load your deck with these cards: Balanceblade, Sandstorm, Mander Minion, and Pixie. The first spell you'll cast is Mander Minion.

As soon as you've cast Mander Minion, get rid of all other Mander Minion cards. As soon as you have two Sandstorms available, get rid of all of the rest. You'll only need two.

Now put two Balanceblades on yourself. Use a Pixie when you need to. Don't cast any spells at all until you have 8 pips. Since your Mander will be casting spells, it will divert the enemies' attention to the Mander and away from yourself. When you have 8 pips, cast two Sandstorms. As long as your Mander stays healthy, you shouldn't have any problem.

Oct 07, 2010
thanks i finally defeated him thanks to you but now i have to defeta the one after defeating bort mantailmane or whatever his name is -_-

Jan 07, 2010
i am not that good and i just got into marlybone but i have a couple ok tips on bosses
1.if the boss is to hard gather up some friends and go in as a group.
2.always if you can get a good minion to destract them.
3.save up pips to destroy then with a good treasure card

they are some tips