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I dont know what Quest to do!

Feb 05, 2010
A long time ago I played Wizard101 then I quit for a while. I decided to play again but there is a problem. I dont know what quest to do. When I open my quest log theres no quest. I think i was still on Krokotopia as that is where i was when I logged on. Im not sure if i had beat Krokotopia in the past or not. Please tell if theres a way to solve this.

Im a lvl 24 Pyromancer

The easiest way to determine this is to check to see if Marleybone is available to you at the Spiral door. If it is, you've completed the main story of Krokotopia.

You next need to speak to Private Kinchley in Regent's Square - Wolfminster Abbey to obtain the quest "Sarcophagus Search"

Jun 24, 2010
Just go to every world, if you dont have the world ask a friend if they can drop you off there :)

Lvl. 42 Duncan GhostDreamer

Nov 10, 2012
look I don't know what to say but if you ever need help with a quest, I am in the back of the ice school from 3:00 to 3:10 PM.

my name is Austin WinterWalker Master of the Ice magic.