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How to get in krok

Jul 20, 2012
i am level 15 and my friend Isabella Ghostriver (i know her in real life) got to go in at level 12 i am a member so when i go there i just teleport to her but i cant go in by the world tree why? ive checked alot of blogs and they all said level 11 or 12 your allowed to enter but i am level 15 and member

Your level has nothing to do with when you can and cannot enter Krokotopia.

You haven't proven to Merle that you area ready to go to that area yet. You must complete all your required assignments in Wizard City before you will be given the key to Krokotopia.

Simply open your quest journal and complete the quests you still have in Wizard City. You'll be able to join your friend in Krokotopia when you have completed the required quests.

You will encounter this in all worlds of the Spiral, young Wizard. You must complete the tasks you are given in one world before you will be given the key to the next world.

Oct 27, 2012
I got into Krokotopia by teleporting to a friend there. I have not completed the tasks, but to get in you can ask your friend to go there and tell you to teleport to her. Maybe you can get in that way as well.