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how do you get to thunder tomb or whatever

May 03, 2009
hi this is kyle dragon thief and i have a for you members...

im in kroktopia and i was wondering how to get to the thunder tomb or whatever cause im a thunder student/deviner and i really want to spells please answer cause this is my first message board thingy whatever :-) 8)

A+ Student
Jan 05, 2009
This will be the third area you visit...the pyrimid, the sphinx and then the Temple of Storms. You need to finish the first two to gain access.

Oct 17, 2008
I believe you are talking about the Tomb of Storms...

First of all, there are no spells in there. I thought you may want to know that. After you beat all the main storyline quests in the Pyramid of the Sun and then in the Krokosphinx you will be sent there. When you have the quest, go and activate the three obelisks surrounding the giant sand portal across a bridge from the Oasis. A Locust Swarm-like portal will open and you only have to run inside.

But again, sorry, no spells, except for one that you gain from a quest. But every school gets one of those, not only storm.