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How do you finish krok?My friend is confused

Oct 24, 2008
Ok Hi everyone! I am level 50 But my friend is stuck on this one krok quest. she is wondering how you finish krokotopia because she finished krokopatra but she is not sent to marley bone!! any one know what she did wrong.

Ps. she has had this problem for a while now

Thanks! Sincerely, Annabell7

Jun 14, 2009
First check to see if the quest is still in her log. If it is, she will have to repeat the quest. If this is the cast, make sure that the quest helper is on. I don't know why, but sometimes if it isn't, it won't recognize the battle.

Did she have the quest, or was she helping someone?

Did she speak to the sgt by the lake? He gives you the key to move to MB.

If she did all of this, there is a possiblity she may have a bug. May need to contact tech support for help.

Oct 24, 2008
Hey thanks for responding so soon! It was my friends quest and I do think she had quest helper on i will have to ask her! But when she finished the quest she didnt get a quest to talk to the guy buy the lake! I was just wondering because my friend has been stuck in krok for a long time and has been itching to go to MB. I will ask my friend if had quest helper on!

Sincerely, Annabell7

Ps. if you have a answer or idea please post it would help allot!