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how do i get to krokotopia

May 22, 2010
how do i get to use the spiral to get to the oasis i have completed all the quest in wiz city and i still cant go through the spiral

Apr 30, 2010
to get there you must defeat lord nightshade, discover the death school down in nightside, and get the quest to go to krokotopia. also you must be a crowns player or subscriber to get there.

May 20, 2010
Once you have permission from Professor Ambrose (a Spiral Key to Krokotopia), Bartleby will let you inside, and you can use the portal there.

Bartleby is the tree in Ravenwood that you see when you first enter from the Commons. You will also see it (just to the left for boys, just to the right for girls) when you exit your dorm room.

Oct 24, 2009
1st of all, You have to complete-

Unicorn Way (of course), Triton Avenue, Firecat Alley and Cyclops Lane. Colossus Boulevard is only for if you want to be more of a higher level when you reach Krokotopia. And each time you finish a street, you get sent to talk with the Headmaster. (Ambrose.) Then the Headmaster would just give you about 200+ Experience. If you completed all the streets (story line quests), It would get different. He gives you a quest to locate Sapphyra's Tower (Foulgaze) and then defeat the boss inside. (Foulgaze.) He is currently 510 Health and with a Minion which is a Haunted Guard. (395) Depends how many people go in with you. (You'll find out.)

Then after you defeat him, you talk back with the Headmaster and he tells you to locate Stormdrain Tower and defeat Lord Nightshade (690) and a Field Guard. (395) Then after you defeat him, you will find a book and a skeleton key. You give that to Ambrose and then he tells you to explore Nightside behind the Waterfall. Then after you enter Nightside, you go explore the Death School and then talk to Dworgyn and then talk back to Ambrose. Then he gives you a Spiral Key to Krokotopia and get your 2nd Potion. Huzzah and hope I helped!

Apr 11, 2010
obviously you did not beat all the missions wizard city has to offer. there are manny other missions beside unicorn way.it says underneath your post that you are anovice i guess you have to work on that.

Oct 17, 2010
thanks for the help. and what do u mean u need to complete all the streets. do u mean u have to do all quests on all those streets.