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How do I get back to Krokopatra?

Mar 25, 2010
I went on the Krokopatra quest and got to her (and was defeated twice), then left to recharge. When I restarted the quest I got to the Test of Strength part...fought all three critters...and the third door wouldn't open and the portal didn't come on. I've tried re-fighting...and then found I was stuck between 2 doors that wouldn't reopen. I popped out and back home...

Now what???

I would love to get to Marlybone.

Also, I can't get in to deal with Bort Malletmane in the Grand Arena! The gate is down and won't let me through--so I can't finish that quest either. Could that be the problem with Krokopatra? Someone told me I needed to finish the crafting quest before I could go on. I'm working on that now.


Jun 04, 2009
Did you wait at least 1 hour after getting defeated? If you did, contact KI, something might be wrong.

Hannah Dragonsword, 43 fire

Sep 19, 2010
When you are in any sort of dungeon, it's best to leave a mark. This way you can potion and port right back to the fight you've lost. This saves you from having to start over or run back in time.

All crafting is optional and is only required for the training point on Celestia.