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Hollow Mountain

Aug 02, 2012
I'm a life and I can't think of how to defeat the dungeon by myself because nobody is there when I enter and then I get to the part right before the part that leads you to the final boss. I can't defeat any Hoof Ninjas.. Does anyone know what I can do? I had to flee twice.

Diana Level 42

( P.S I just got back from a long break so don't judge )

See you in the !

Jan 25, 2015
well first off what dungeon are you trying to do? and secondly on my life wiz for bosses that I physically just can't beat by my self and there is no help I buy some resist gear like through level 50's there is armor with 30 specific school resist and hats with 24 but for level 42 there might not be any like that so I would suggest buy some tc shields and or some minion tc and if you have crowns some henchmen are just try the team up button for some help when I do I usually wait at least 5 minutes for someone else

May 07, 2015
hey bestblox123 I can help you lets meet oth side of hollow mountain