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Help with bosses.

Nov 02, 2008
HELP I am trying to do the quest Give Em Another Round and I need a Team to help. My name is Kane Battlehorn and i will be waiting outside of the Palace of Fire in Krocktopia on the Wu server for a team if you want to join post here. :-o :-o :-o :D :D :D :)

Aug 13, 2008
Hello scaler154, I would like to make a suggestion to you. I have four characters and they all fight the bosses alone. I never ask for help eventhough I help many other people fight bosses. The key to my success rate on beating bosses alone is to wear clothes and equipment that are very high in health and mana. That means make sure you wear a ring and have a knife/sword that has both high mana/heath on the same ring or knife/sword. Wear high mana and health in clothing as well . I make sure that each of my characters have a secondary school as well. Choose schools that have a high succes rate of 80 percent or higher on spells. I also find having a minion helps as well . I do hope this helps you because standing around waiting for someone to help you does not seem like fun play to me. Good Luck on beating the bosses.