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Help please:)

Jun 05, 2009
Hello, i am having some minor dificulties with some of the quests i am doing in krokatopia/krokosphinx, i have a couple of quests, "Use obelisk rubbing in vault of ice" and I cant remember the other one, But for some reason it tells me to go into the vault, and i can't? Am i doing somthing wrong or what? The third one is were i have to go to the tomb of storms, and i can't, i tried activating the obelisks, but it JUST WONT LET ME, am i doing somthing wrong here too? I'f any players, or staff, could please help me it would be so fantastic, My name is Keira SwiftThistle, and i need your help, i've been stuck for about 4-6 days now, please and thank you,

Your biggest Wizard101 Fan,
Keep up the good work!