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help: De-cipher The Ahnic

Jan 20, 2013
I seem to me missing a bunch... I follow the Quest arrow but there is no Boss in the room... I have seen them there when other players enter.
I got the quest from The Ghost of Krokhotep. (De-cipher The Ahnic)
I really want to do all of Krokotopia.

I have a few gaps in my badges as well so I know I missed a step or three...
I have:
All up to Krokosphinx Delver
missing one
Order of the Fang
Hero of Krokotopia
missing three
Mander Savior
and a big big gap until I get to a few that were started in Northguard and Wysteria (can't get to Marleybone, but have 2 quests (Find Book and craft quests)for there when I can get there.

Any (and All) help would be greatly appreciated.