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May 28, 2012
I'm in the palace of fire throne room and can't get past the prince please help :x In Game name: Alexander HawkFlame
Time: Mountain Stantard.

MojoRisinDIRTY 8)

Dec 31, 2010
try going through your deck. Put your highest spells in there. Make sure you have all the healing spells you can in there! Also go shopping in the bazaar for the highest health giving gear. Make sure you have an amulet and athame. If you have high health, you'll have time before you die to blade and trap. Then, hit in one shot. It's also good to use the opposite school when attacking. If you are a fire, use a convert. If you don't have it yet go and get a treasure card one from the bazaar. I can't help you in game, but people can usually fight him solo.

Good luck,

Keira Dreamleaf lvl 65 diviner

Jun 07, 2012
I need help here too. My wizard is Autumn Dream.
I've been defeated like 5 times now by that prince & it's very frustrating.

Mar 31, 2012
I will help I'm a life wiz. I think I already have done it...... if it is the first quest you get when you enter the throne room of fire dungeon. Tell me time, date, realm and realm area. And where to meet......

Caitlin StrongTalon, Krok Thrasher. 8) ( I have a frost snake pet)

Mar 24, 2009
Like fun23k said, try going through your deck. Also, try asking help from friends! Be nice and say please, but don't overdo it and you'll surely get some help.
Another thing.. this is a dungeon. Dungeons are meant to be hard.

Jun 28, 2012
Hi my game name is Anna DragonFriend. I am here to give you some advise. If you have a lot of friends try giving them all a holler saying: "HELP!" while in battle or say in the quest chat "lets defeat ____ at Krokotopia" or even say "teleport to me" to trick them(my friends have tricked me before too dont worry ) or sometimes they will automaticly be really nice and help you. I try it all the time and it always helps. it really helps if you gather four people. I hope this helps because it always worked for me :D
-Anna DragonFriend
P.S You can find me in Wizard City or Krokotopia A lot :D

Jun 04, 2012
Firesyne wrote:
I need help here too. My wizard is Autumn Dream.
I've been defeated like 5 times now by that prince & it's very frustrating.

Hey Autumn Dream! I think i am your friend Taylor Swift ( Not the real Taylor Swift the singer! ) if i am not we can meet on the thirty first ( or first day of Setember ) :D Bye everyone and See You!

Jan 29, 2011
i think you should go to bazaar and buy opposite school treasure cards then in you deck have like 1,2,3, or4 healing spells.