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Get Smart?

Aug 12, 2008
Get Smart?
Does anyone know how to do the final puzzle in the temple of storms in the get smart quest?
It is the one that says the lighting is not quite right for a storm.
I have spent about half an hour trying different combination of lighting set ups but none seem to work.
Can anyone please help?

Jul 05, 2008
Re: Get Smart?
change the flames to purple and then check then book again! i never noticed it before but the message changes and it tells you EXACTLY what to do.

Sep 03, 2008
Re: Get Smart?
Yes it would be nice if there was a little more indication that you did something right when you change the flames. I was just about to give up on this when I happened to look at the book again.

The clue is fairly obvious, but re reading a book, well, not so much.