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Get a Glimpse of Krokotopia!

Jun 25, 2009
chan14551 wrote:
I Hate This World I Like Marleybone Its a City Full Of Fun
Its Like New Yock lol But Small


Well I disagree. Krokotopia is my favorite world. it has intresting quests and the rewards are very good. Marleybone is cool too, thats no joke, but krokotopia is my favorite

"Level 23 Theurgist going to 24!"

Jun 11, 2009
Krokotopia to me is ok. Its difficulty to me is medium. The hardest part of Krokotopia is the Tomb of Beguiler. You'll need about 2 level 25+ to beat it. If one of you isn't over 30 it will be tough. Once you reach it you will be so excited, then after a while it gets boring.

Jun 02, 2011
I'm a lvl 17 wiz (thur...something) just completed my basic crafting, made those two daggers and was told to go to Krockotopia. Exactly how do you get to Krokotopia? I went to the big tree in Ravenwood but nothing happened.

May 28, 2011
corrina101 wrote:
I agree with kingurz, the Pyramid of Sun is soooooooo frustrating when you are a pyromancer!!!! But the Krokospinx is alot easier for me.


You are totally wrong about being Pyromancer in that place its just the same as any spell element. You just have to know how to use your spell cards. You gotta use your skills how to beat them like for instant fighting with fire wizard element which is fire for fire against us now before you battle always make a changes with fire spell cards if your Pyromancer like us. What you gonna do is change your trap to prism trap that will take care your problem. It will give you a boost damage to your opponent as fire wizard now remember always check you opponents spell element and then you make a changes from there that makes you a lot easier to defeat them trust me. I've been there it works 100 % all the time.

Aug 06, 2010
kingurz wrote:
As a pyromancer, the Pyramid of the Sun can be quite challenging (and frustrating!!); however if you survive it, the Great Sphinx should be easier (the majority are ice based).

yes i am a pyromancer to and its so hard

Jul 31, 2011
At what level can you get into the little door under Bartleby the grandfather tree to get into the spiral then to krokotopia because i became a member thinking it would get me in there but it isnt working

Ally12698 wrote:
At what level can you get into the little door under Bartleby the grandfather tree to get into the spiral then to krokotopia because i became a member thinking it would get me in there but it isnt working

It has nothing to do with the level of your Wizard. Once you have completed all your required assignments in Wizard City, Merle Ambrose will ask you to investigate Krokotopia.

Once you have been given that quest, you can access the Spiral door by entering Bartleby the World Tree.

Much like reading a chapter book, Wizard101 is sequential game play (before you move to level 2 you must complete level 1).  Even if you have purchased a Membership you must first complete all of the quests in one world to be able to move on to the next.  The same thing goes for access to some of the streets or areas within a world.  For instance, when you've successfully completed the quests for Wizard City you will be given a quest to enter into the next world, Krokotopia.  Once you have your own access there, as long as you have a Membership or have purchased the Premium area with Crowns, you will be able to enter that world freely. 

Mar 13, 2011
so i looked at the pictures then i went over to wizard city pictures and i have to say the second photo of wizard city is creepy because o bartelbys eyes ( sorry if i spelled wrong ) but having to see a creepy photo makes me get chills and i love chills! :D :-) :) :D :-) :) :D :-) :)

May 28, 2009
Sep 18, 2011
it can be challenging but just keep focus-lvl17 balance wiz nicholas ghostwalker.If you try its not a prob i am almost done with the temple of the sun.

Aug 02, 2011
i like krokotopia though at the time krokosphinx was annoying (i'm a thaumaturge) though to be honest for a couple of the dungeons i had to look up the combination to get to the next part.... but overall it's fun....now marleybone i despise. the quests have you going all over the place and every couple feet you get sucked into another battle but i made it.... i love mooshu just so refreshing after marleybone.... dragonspyre i don't care for but then that's where i'm currently at and have to play there to progress which just makes it more frustrating...no real complaints though....like wysteria and grizzleheim though i don't think i'll ever be able to beat jotun...but anyways back to krok... i do have one more complaint the head that you must go through to get to the storm temple area.... it takes SO LONG for it to come up.. maybe you can shorten that just a bit please :? thanks

ps is there an official amount of time it takes for the portal to the secret shop to open...??