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Forge Key, massive problem

Jun 17, 2009
i believe my game is bugged.
for the past 3 days ive been stuck on forge key. not this is an easy little thing to do. kill a bunch of sokkwi crushers until you get a key. when i go to the quest log it has a box with the name "Forge Key" on top. it has a "?" button that tells me what the general said about killing them. and it has the arrow that means i have the quest locator on. but the problem is on the game screen theres no arrow pointing anywhere. theres no picture in the quest description box. AND worst of all, i've killed, by now, upwards of 100 crushers and i still have no key. is this normal or is my game horribly messed up. i've logged out and in multiple times to see if it reboots,but to no avail. ive talked to the general again multiple times but he tells me the same because i already have his quest.
fellow wizards help a humble necromancer out.

This definitely sounds like a job for Mr Lincoln.

Please take a moment to contact him through the Help & Support tab on the left and he'll be able to take a look at your quest log to find out what's happening.

Thank you for reporting this young Wizard. Mr Lincoln can get this fixed for you and hopefully we can prevent other players from encountering this issue.

Jun 17, 2009
well madam professor.
i sent a message to the wizard and they underestimated my problem, thinking it is only a problem with quest finder. then i sent them a response saying that my problem was not fixed and i haven't heard from them since. the only thing i can think of myself is to restart my game which i refuse to do. so if that's what it means i'm going to have to just stop playing.